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FurReal Pony: Hasbro FurReal Friends Smores Pony

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Looking for the perfect present for your little girl? Then look no further than the Hasbro Furreal Friends Smores pony. This FurReal pony is a real treat; she interacts with your daughter just like a real live pony would, giving her the opportunity to see her dream come true of having her very own pony.

FurReal Pony - Hasbro Furreal Friends Smores Pony

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The FurReal Smores pony is one incredibly realistic toy. She moves her head, blinks those beautiful, long white eyelashes, swishes her tail, twitches her ears, and neighs, whinnies, snorts and whimpers — just like a real horse!

Smores is more than just a lifelike robot though, she was ingeniously designed to respond to touch, sound, light and dark, and will nuzzle and cuddle with your child for hours of pure delight. This Furreal Friends pony loves being talked to, groomed, and fed, and will reward your daughter’s loving care with animated movements and responses.

The FurReal horse comes with a special carrot, which she like to crunch and munch, and a special comb to groom her silky tresses with. She also comes with a realistic halter and an adoption certificate to add to your daughter’s excitement of having her very own horse.

But the best part of Smores the Fur Real Pony is that your daughter can really ride her! She stands over three feet tall and can easily support an 80-100 lb rider. While she doesn’t actually move her legs, she will bump up and down when you tap her hindquarters, simulating a real live pony ride. With life-like movements and the clikity-clack of hooves on pavement, your little girl’s imagination will take her through the woods and over the hills on the pony ride of her dreams.

With a soft fur coat and a long silky mane and tail, Smores is one “fur real horse”. She has sweet brown and white markings modeled after a real pony, completing the life-like picture.

While Smores is indeed the winner of the 2007 T.O.T.Y. Award for Best Girls Toy of the Year, reviewers will attest that she’s not just for the 4-10 age group described on the box. Adult reviewers describe how they fall in love with her themselves, making this toy perfect for the entire family.

Because of the wonderful way that Smores interacts, this FurReal pony proves to be a permanent favorite. Reviewers give her 4.5 stars on Amazon.com, and say that a year later, their children are still playing delightedly with her.

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