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Go Go My Walkin Pup Fur Real Friends Go Go My Walkin Pup
Go Go My Walking Pup is an adorable Bichon Frise dog, who makes going for walks real live, barking fun!
Fur Real Friends Biscuit My Lovin PupBiscuit My Lovin Pup
The favorite FurReal dog, Biscuit is an interactive delight! Biscuit follows commands, barks and does tricks and will wiggle his way into your heart.
Hasbro FurReal Friends Smores Pony Hasbro FurReal Friends Smores Pony
This brown and white, super-realistic pony is sure to be a favorite friend for years to come!
FurReal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat FurReal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat
This soft and life-life cat is purrfect for petting!

Furry Frenzies

FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies City Center Play SetFurry Frenzies City Center Play Set
Watch your little friends zoom about in a frenzy through the charming charming Scoot and Scurry City!
Furreal Friends Furry Frenzies Buster Bow WowFurry Frenzies Buster Bow Wow
Buster Bow Wow is a fun-loving pup who digs himself into a fun-filled frenzy!
Furry Frenzies Whirl Around Playground Furry Frenzies Whirl Around Playground
With food and fun galore, this fabulous playground features the limited-edition Rascal Rally cat pet!
Furreal Friends Furry Frenzies Senorita ScampsFurry Frenzies Senorita Scamps
Senorita Scamps loves the limelight and is sure to capture your attention and win your heart as she scampers about!

FurReal Pony: FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony

When you were a little girl, didn’t you dream of having your very own pony? Well FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony will make every little girl’s dream come true. The FurReal Friends pony Butterscotch looks, feels, sounds, and acts just like a real live Shetland pony, and will give your daughter hours of delightful play.

FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony - Butterscotch Horse

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Made with special sensors and super-soft fur, Butterscotch horse acts just like a real horse would. She cocks her head when you speak to her and blinks those long, beautiful lashes, trying to understand what you’re saying.

This Fur Real pony lets your daughter know that she appreciates the tender care she receives. She loves to be petted, responding by rubbing her twitching her tail and ears and rubbing her head against your daughter in delight.

Butterscotch the pony has a repertoire of real life pony sounds, and will whinny and neigh just like the “fur real horse” she is. She’s a horse who needs a friend, and will snort when she want’s attention and whimper when the room gets dark and she needs a reassuring hug.

But the best part of owning a horse is going for those long country rides, and the FurReal Pony Butterscotch will let your little girl’s imagination ride alongside her pony. Butterscotch doesn’t actually move her legs, but she can support your little girl and will bump up and down when you touch her rump, simulating a real pony ride, right down to the clomp of her hooves.

Just like a live pony, this FurReal horse loves to be fed and groomed, and she comes with a special comb to brush her long, silky tresses with, and a special carrot that she realistically chomps on.

The FurReal Butterscotch Pony is a winner, and has been a bestseller since 2006. Winner of the 2007 T.O.T.Y. Award for Best Girls Toy of the Year, this is one toy that’s perfect for both boys and girls, and for horse lovers of all ages. Adults attest that they fall under the charming spell of this FurReal pony, and parents are pleased to discover that Butterscotch horse is not a toy that their children tire of easily. Since she’s a beloved pet that children love playing with long after the receive her as a gift, parents agree that FurReal Pony Butterscotch is well worth the money spent.

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FurReal Pony: Hasbro FurReal Friends Smores Pony

Looking for the perfect present for your little girl? Then look no further than the Hasbro Furreal Friends Smores pony. This FurReal pony is a real treat; she interacts with your daughter just like a real live pony would, giving her the opportunity to see her dream come true of having her very own pony.

FurReal Pony - Hasbro Furreal Friends Smores Pony

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The FurReal Smores pony is one incredibly realistic toy. She moves her head, blinks those beautiful, long white eyelashes, swishes her tail, twitches her ears, and neighs, whinnies, snorts and whimpers — just like a real horse!

Smores is more than just a lifelike robot though, she was ingeniously designed to respond to touch, sound, light and dark, and will nuzzle and cuddle with your child for hours of pure delight. This Furreal Friends pony loves being talked to, groomed, and fed, and will reward your daughter’s loving care with animated movements and responses.

The FurReal horse comes with a special carrot, which she like to crunch and munch, and a special comb to groom her silky tresses with. She also comes with a realistic halter and an adoption certificate to add to your daughter’s excitement of having her very own horse.

But the best part of Smores the Fur Real Pony is that your daughter can really ride her! She stands over three feet tall and can easily support an 80-100 lb rider. While she doesn’t actually move her legs, she will bump up and down when you tap her hindquarters, simulating a real live pony ride. With life-like movements and the clikity-clack of hooves on pavement, your little girl’s imagination will take her through the woods and over the hills on the pony ride of her dreams.

With a soft fur coat and a long silky mane and tail, Smores is one “fur real horse”. She has sweet brown and white markings modeled after a real pony, completing the life-like picture.

While Smores is indeed the winner of the 2007 T.O.T.Y. Award for Best Girls Toy of the Year, reviewers will attest that she’s not just for the 4-10 age group described on the box. Adult reviewers describe how they fall in love with her themselves, making this toy perfect for the entire family.

Because of the wonderful way that Smores interacts, this FurReal pony proves to be a permanent favorite. Reviewers give her 4.5 stars on Amazon.com, and say that a year later, their children are still playing delightedly with her.

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FurReal Chimp: Fall In Love With The FurReal Friends Cuddle Chimp

The FurReal chimp is the sweetest little baby chimpanzee; guaranteed to make you smile!

FurReal Lulu: The FurReal Cat Your Child Will Adore

FurReal Lulu is so much fun!

FurReal Friends Biscuit the Dog

Does your child dream of owning his or her very own puppy? Well, FurReal Friends Biscuit the Dog is just the best friend your child is dreaming of. This oversized, realistic pup is a fabulous toy, and sure to delight animal lovers of all ages.

Your FurReal Biscuit dog is interactive and affectionate, and your child will delight in learning just what he’s saying. He has three different barks to interpret, and a wide range of playful motions that are just like a real puppy’s. Your FurReal dog loves to be petted, and will reward your affection with a wag of his tail and some puppy pleasure sounds.

Biscuit the FurReal puppy comes all ready to follow your child’s commands. Whether it’s telling him to sit up, lay down, shake hands, “talk”, or one of his other pre-programmed commands, your child will have a wonderful time watching his new pet perform.

Fur Real Friends Kitty Cat White

Fur Real Friends Kitty Cat White

From the Manufacturer

This adorable feline is no ordinary kitty. Give your kitty cat lots of love and affection by petting its soft fur. Then watch your lovable companion come to “life” as it opens and closes its eyes, moves its head and ears, swishes its tail and even “purrs” Pet this kitty cat, but be careful when holding its tail – it just may hiss! Your kitty cat comes with a comb to keep it looking its best and a special adoption certificate for you to fill in. Play with your animal companion and you’ll be best friends. Cat comes with comb and adoption certificate.

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Hasbro FurReal Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot

Hasbro FurReal Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot


The Hasbro FurReal Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot might be the sassiest toy ever made. Squawkers McCaw is a full-size toy macaw parrot who, just like a real parrot, repeats words, can be “taught” to speak, and responds to touch. Witty, energetic, and completely unpredictable, Squawkers takes interactive play to a whole new level. He is recommended for children ages 5 through 10. This full sized toy parrot that can repeat words, responds to touch, and more. Just Like a Real Parrot Modeled after an actual macaw parrot, Squawkers McCaw has a velvety feather coat that makes him fit for cuddling. His vibrant blue, orange, yellow, and green markings are just like those of an actual macaw parrot. His feet are also fully articulated: He can stand on his perch or be propped up on (more…)

FurReal Friends Lil Patter Pup – Shih-Tsu

FurReal Friends Lil Patter Pup - Shih-Tsu

From the Manufacturer

This adorable canine is no ordinary pup. Give your plush, electronic pooch lots of love and affection by petting its soft fur. Then watch your lovable companion come to “life” as it walks, wags its tail and even barks. Give you puppy his bone and he’ll move his head and nose to give it a good “sniff.” Your puppy comes with a special adoption certificate to ensure you’ll always be the best of friends. Puppy figure comes with bone accessory and adoption certificate.


Furreal Friends Cuddle Chimp

Furreal Friends Cuddle Chimp

From the Manufacturer

This realistic-looking chimpanzee loves snuggle and cuddle – give him a hug and he hugs you back! After being ?fed? from his banana bottle or stroked along his back, Cuddle Chimp lets kids know he is ready for a hug by stretching out his arms. When hugged, the adorable chimpanzee snuggles into his owner?s arms and makes “real” happy chimp sounds. Cuddle Chimp loves to be tickled – but watch out, as this loveable chimp will go bananas by clapping his hands and crying out excitedly with baby chimp noises. Requires three ?C? batteries, included.


Fur Real Friends Tumbles My Roll Over Pup Beagle

Fur Real Friends Tumbles My Roll Over Pup Beagle

From the Manufacturer

This little lifelike pup is on a roll. This lovable beagle rolls over – and rolls back. Just give his tummy a rub and watch him squirm with delight, making realistic puppy noises to let you know that he’s never been happier. Pet your pup’s back to relax him. Keep petting his soft brown, black and white-colored “fur” and he’ll go right to “”sleep”". Give his left paw a squeeze and he’ll wiggle back and forth, responding to your touch. This sweet beagle buddy loves to snuggle too – simply hold him in your arms and pat his back and he’ll cuddle right up to you. Just like a real puppy, the more you play with him, the happier he’ll be. He even comes with an adoption certificate so you can be sure that he’ll be all yours forever. Puppy pet comes with adoption certificate.

This realistic little beagle loves to entertain — he’ll have you laughing hysterically as you watch him tumble around. He loves to be pet, too – (more…)